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Celebration Time

Head Office

Celebration time this week.  Where to start?  On Friday there were over 100 of us at our Head Office in Warwick being treated to lunch and  ‘meet the boss’.  I say ‘boss’ but he’s our Managing Director and we’re all Self Employed.  That doesn’t stop us celebrating and being recognised for the work we do.

It didn’t stop there though.  Celebration time happened earlier in the week when I heard that Jackie Crane has made Manager.  PLUS her lovely daughter Lucy also made it  – a double celebration from an amazing family.

ManagerJackie and Lucy

Then it was my turn – again – on Sunday.  I lost my golf match!!  BUT it was a delight as it was nip and tuck all the way.  The best person certainly won and the reason I’m pleased about losing?  It’s because I know I played my best and I didn’t give up.  I never ask anything more of myself.

Save the Children

Leamington Town Hall

Save the Children put on a great fund raising event at Leamington Town Hall over the weekend and I was there with a colleague, Louise Hunt, helping them.

They managed to arrange over 50 stands selling all those goodies you feel you have to have at Christmas time – and other times as well – but especially Christmas.

Save the Children

We had lots people visit our stand; unfortunately helped by the fact that it started raining just when they turned the lights on the Christmas Tree.  All was not lost; the rain stopped just in time for the main lights.  Lots of excited children thinking Christmas was only four sleeps away!!!

Never Too Old To Learn

Never too old to learn is something I strongly believe in as was demonstrated when I had an hour and a halves fencing lesson with three 8 year olds and one 16 year old!!  I’m old enough to be their mother and, in some cases, their Grandmother.  A young Grandmother I grant you but Grandmother all the same.

Here’s what resulted:

I had so much fun and learned that I’m fitter than I thought.  It was extremely hot inside that mask and I felt like giving up a few times as my glasses kept steaming up as well as my hair kept failing in my face.  BUT I didn’t; I kept going.


Not sure why.  It might have been that I didn’t want to give up; didn’t want to disappoint my son; didn’t want to give up in front of the 8 year old girls.  What I do know is that I was really pleased I kept going.  I wonder how many times we’ve been confronted by something new only to be challenged by it and given up before we see any real benefit.

Am I a better Fencer? – I doubt it; Am I fitter? – again I doubt it; Am I a better Mother? – I doubt it.  What I don’t doubt is that I have a memory that I will smile about for some time to come.  Maybe that’s what learning is about.


What are the odds of that happening?

What are the odds of that happening?  The odds of what? – I hear you cry.  Well, here is your answer.

The odds for an amateur golfer hitting a hole in one are 12,500 to 1.  That is exactly what my husband did last week at Feldon Valley Golf Club. 

Feldon Valley Golf

There were cheers, whoops and handshakes.  And then ………  the next golfer, on the very next shot, on the very same hole went and did the same – hit a hole in one.  The odds of that 156,250,000!  The chances of winning the National Lottery are 13,983,816 to show what an amazing feat it was.  Needless to say they both bought lottery tickets on Friday night and both are keeping very quiet.


So this week is a celebration of those things that seem impossible but with application; repetition and some faith show anything really is possible.

The Greatest Game Ever Played

The Greatest Game Ever Played

The Greatest Game Ever Played is a film about two golfing greats – Harry Vardon and Francis Ouimet.  However, it is far more about life itself and how we view others and how others view us.

I was privileged to be with Tom Barrett last week – along with 299 others – where we watched and considered the impact people’s words and actions have on others lives. It struck me that so many people have had an impact on my life which has then resulted in the way I, in turn, treat others.

One such person was my Mathematics teacher, Miss Mansley, who, at a difficult time in my life made a positive comment to me which I have carried with me since.  She asked me if I was happy in my work and I replied that I was.  She then said, ‘I knew you would always be happy in whatever you did, Caroline.’ And so, I determined I would be, and if not I would move on to another venture.

At some stage of our lives we need the support of others to believe in ourselves and at other times people need that belief from us. The third person I have not mentioned is Eddie – so many lessons to be learned from him!  He was there when Francis needed him.