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Christmas Time

MisteltoeChristmas Time, Mistletoe and Wine – one of my most popular songs from Christmas.  I cannot believe, as I’m sure some of you are also thinking, that a month today is Christmas Day.


Time has gone so quickly this year – seemingly more quickly than last.  Logic tells me it’s still the same number of days as it was the year before but my head is saying otherwise.

 Stressed men

Some people find it so stressful.  Men are still shopping on Christmas Eve hoping they find THE present that will bring smiles to their nearest and dearest faces.  Well let me and my Elves take the stress out of Christmas for you.  You sit down in your armchair and sing Christmas Time, Mistletoe and drink the Wine.  Take a look at this brochure; send me email or text OR order direct.  It will be all be delivered to your door with no worries.


HOWEVER, you need to do it NOW.  Christmas will be here VERY soon and my Elves cannot extend their working week. They have homes to go to.



Save the Children

Leamington Town Hall

Save the Children put on a great fund raising event at Leamington Town Hall over the weekend and I was there with a colleague, Louise Hunt, helping them.

They managed to arrange over 50 stands selling all those goodies you feel you have to have at Christmas time – and other times as well – but especially Christmas.

Save the Children

We had lots people visit our stand; unfortunately helped by the fact that it started raining just when they turned the lights on the Christmas Tree.  All was not lost; the rain stopped just in time for the main lights.  Lots of excited children thinking Christmas was only four sleeps away!!!

New Year Resolutions

New Year Resolutions were made at the end of last year and many of us were convinced that we would achieve them all; some or one or two.  One of my New Year Resolutions was to lose 3 stone in weight.  I wouldn’t say that I’m on target but I have lost over a stone and people are definitely noticing the difference.  My wardrobe is noticing the difference.  I no longer have to breath in to do trousers up.  In fact, yesterday, a pair of trousers, destined for the Charity shop, has been reprieved as I’m now going to use it as an incentive to lose more weight.

So what has kept me focussed on that goal.  Well, one of the ladies at my Golf Club – Feldon Valley – has consistently congratulated me and commented on how I’m looking.  So, in my moments of weakness I thought of when I would see her next and I imagined her making positive comments.  You see, I didn’t want to let her down.

Plus I did a cleanse at the beginning of the year and I’ve just finished another one.  I’m feeling full of energy; less bloated; I know I can continue and, because my sugar levels have stabilised I’m not craving anything sweet – or alcoholic!!  I heard Nicky Campbell on Radio 5 Live describe a glass of wine as a Knickerbocker Glory in disguise because of the calories in it.


MyFitnessPal has been an enormous help.  Counting the calories as well as the exercise I do on a daily basis.

Well I’m looking to be another stone lighter by the end of the year – now I’m on a roll.  I’ll keep you up to date.


Definition of Health

Definition of Health means all sorts of things to all sorts of people.  Some think of definition of health as being physically fit; some think of definition of health as being able to walk around without any pain; some think of definition of health as being able to live life to their fullest.

My definition of health does not take in to consideration anyone’s physical or mental abilities.  For me it is making the most of what you have and looking after it.  After all, the body I have is the only house I get to truly live in and I’m stuck with it.

I do what I can to keep healthy.  I exercise regularly; I take my Aloe on a daily basis; I take my supplements on a daily basis as well; I look to eat the right foods.

My reason for doing this is because my mother had a very poor diet and only took medication as a remedy.  I have no idea if this is what lead to her suffering a digenerative condition and, of course, she never felt that she bought it on herself and neither do I.  There is a little query in my head that, maybe, if she had made little changes to her diet and maybe, if she had looked to prevention and not cure, she may have delayed this process.

We miss her daily and often wonder – what if…..?

Mum's 78th BIrthday 002Mum 80

It’s amazing the difference two years can make


Pilates Exercise


Pilates exercise is how I choose  to start my week off.

It invigorates me and sets me up for the week ahead knowing that I’ve done something to keep me in shape.  It’s an hour to spend time on me without any other distractions.  I am amazed that in such a short period of time I am noticing a difference.

One thing I hadn’t realised was that my toes would start cramping! It can be quite painful and more than a little irritating.  I have no idea why; it’s something I’ve had in the past; toes cramping at the oddest of times!!

Then yesterday I was at one of our Conferences at Cheltenham Racecourse and one of the speakers reminded me that our ARGI+ helps with greater blood flow. I wondered if it might help with my cramps.  So …. half an hour before Pilates exercise this morning I had a drink of it.  Guess what – No Cramps for the first time in weeks.  Coincidence – I don’t know yet – next week will tell me more.

Interesting isn’t it that when we’re looking for a solution someone gives it to us.