The Next Generation

The Next Generation is more associated with Star Trek, but not this time. The Next Generation I’m talking about is our son.

He’s always had a passion for food; more precisely – cooking.  He has an amazing palate; there really is nothing getting past him.  If it’s in the food, he tastes it.  I love it when we go out for a meal, or we’re away on holiday, and we all go – ‘What’s that?’ – wondering what ingredient we can taste, but can’t place.  Guess who comes up with the answer?  And it’s not things such as salt or pepper.  It’s Turmeric; Basil; Star Anise.  You know, every day ingredients you pop in your cooking pot!!

Where does he get his passion for his cooking?  I’ve often asked myself the self same question.  We believe it was because we had a Chinese restaurant in our local town and he loved going there.  In fact, he loved it so much we went there for his 7th birthday.

Then a local chef took an interest in him and encouraged him.  Although Ashley no longer cooks himself he kindled the flame for Patrick.  Patrick is now studying to became a chef at our local college and he loves it.

He’s also working; part-time locally.  His goal is to be running his own restaurant;  taking well known recipes and putting his own slant on them.  We’re being given a insight in to his cooking – having duck with peaches; apple with spinach and spicy sauteed potatoes the other night for tea.  We’re still working on who does the washing up!!!

Patrick Duck

However I do believe one of the reasons he’s been able to follow his dreams is because I’ve been able to follow mine in the work that I do.  As he says ‘If you love the work you do, you never do a days work in your life’.  I wonder how many people can say that?

So let’s celebrate peoples dreams and desires and encourage the young to follow and fulfill theirs. I love this saying – There are two lasting bequests we can give our children. One is roots. The other is wings. Hodding Carter Jr.