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George Bernard Shaw

George Bernard Shaw is renowned for his many quotes.  This is one that appeals to me because ……

Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.

….. well, because, it smacks of possibilities and I can change who I am today, if I so wish.  I hear many people saying that they cannot change the way they are – shape; size; personality.  I agree there are some things that cannot be changed.  I cannot change how tall I am, for instance.  BUT, I can change my outlook on life; I can change whether I have a “can do” or “can’t do” approach.

Let me explain why I think I can affect the end result.  Those of you who see me regularly know I love playing sport.  More recently – golf.  Last Saturday I was playing in a match and I was losing by one hole when we approached the 17th.  We both drove off.  My playing opponent walked in front of me and I took this opportunity to give myself a good talking to. I told myself all I needed to do was win this next hole and then the next and I would win the match.  I emphasized that it could be done and I could do it.


So, guess what – that’s exactly what happened.  Was it easy – NO.  There were times when I thought I’d messed up but I focused on the next shot and I muttered to myself – “You can do this”.

Interesting to find out afterwards that my opponent was thinking the opposite to me.

So, for me, George Bernard Shaw was right when he said:-

Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.

Trending News

Trending news – I wonder who decides what is Trending News?

Well my Trending News this week is I can no longer play golf!!  Why?  Because I can’t get my ‘head’ on the course.  Yes, I know my head is on the course but my ‘Head’ isn’t.  In other works – my mind set.

As I’m about to hit the ball I’m thinking of all the other things I need to do.  Send that important email; call that friend; make a list of the things I need to do so I don’t forget them.  The last thing on my mind is “How do I get that that very small ball to in to the little hole on the lovely smooth green.”

It reminds me that I need to STOP; reassess and then concentrate on the most important thing to the exclusion of all else.  Spreading myself too thin really does not work.


My most important thing RIGHT now is writing this.  How many of us are distracted when we are talking to others? How many of us have had a near ‘hit’ in our cars? How many of us tell our other halves we never had that conversation?  I’m sure you can think of other things.

My goal tomorrow is to think of the One Thing – it’s far more relaxing.

The One Thing

Socialising for a living

Emma and Hermi

Socialising for a living is what I do on a day to day basis or, at least , it feels like that.  I have the privilege of meeting some amazing people; interesting people; disinterested people; people looking for a change; people looking to sell whatever they have to me no matter what; people who want to spread a little goodness in the world; people who are interested in me and many more.

I am only too happy to have a coffee with them – the interesting ones.  I even pay!!  I had one such coffee the other day and this is what I found in my emails this morning.

Thanks Caroline,

You were on my list to email today; thanks you SO much for the coffee and inviting me to the BHS networking. It’s been my favourite event by far!! Really appreciated the time you took to chat and listen last week, lots going on (hence the “I’m running away to Canada” panic) so it was lovely to chat to someone who didn’t have an agenda

There is so much I love about this.  She enjoyed coffee; she loved the Networking event I suggested she come a long to;  she appreciated the time I spent with her and she understood that you don’t have to have an agenda to meet up with someone.  You can earn a living by putting other people first.

Does that mean I have a thriving business – yes I do.  Does it mean I have all the business I want – no it doesn’t.  I’m always looking for more people to help either to earn a ‘proper’ income or to live their life healthier.  Remind you of anyone?

The Best Things in Life

The best things in life are free – or so it’s said.

I was at a Networking event at lunchtime today and the lovely John Clapham spoke. He makes so much sense.  One of the things he said was

  •  Be authentic

Sounds so easy doesn’t it?  People buy people first and whatever else second – that’s another saying I’ve heard.  I suppose authentic means you have to know who you are to be authentic?  John likes helping people; something I relate to as well.  By helping others he finds people come to him for advice.

He also said

  • Have Fun

Have fun rather than think of your ROI (Return on Investment).  How many people think they will help another person – but what’s in it for me?  What I’ve noticed is that those who give more; receive more.


The best things in life are free – our ability to be ourselves whilst having fun.  What a great way to live life.

Ryder Cup

Ryder Cup


Ryder Cup pictures tell so many stories.  I suppose it is that a picture paints a thousand words.

Yesterday I felt as though I was actually there at the Ryder Cup, on the course and dreaming a little of hitting the shots myself.  I could smell the grass; hear the swish of the club; hear the thud of the ball hitting the ground  and then, the momentary silence before the crowd roared with delight or groaned in despair.  There were two opposite emotions being played out with every shot.

Team work

The seeming coolness of the players was mesmerising.  How can they play so many amazing shots with the eyes of the world on them?  Well I leave that to another golfer – Gary Player – who said that the harder he practised the luckier he got.  Perfection is all about practising until you get it right and then practising some more.  Simple?  I expect that the difference between greatness and mediocre is just that – practise, practise, practise.

How many of us go through life expecting to be brilliant but are not prepared to work or put in the hours to achieve the greatness that is within all of us?  It begs the question – what are you or I prepared to work for?  That’s what I ask people who I work with constantly; it’s a question I sometimes have to ask myself on a daily basis.

The answer may be a very practical one – paying the mortgage off; a significant one – helping to build a hospital in a less fortunate country; a meaningful one – ensuring your children have the best start in life by sending them to private school; a fun one – going white water rafting down a very fast river!!

Each one of us is different – Paul McGinley, the European Ryder Cup Captain, yesterday said it was all about making people smile.  Now that’s something to work for.