Macmillan Cancer

Macmillan Cancer Support, to give the full name.  I wonder if that’s why so many people support this worthwhile charity because it has SUPPORT in its name.  I would imagine that it’s one thing to have Cancer but it’s the support you and your loved ones need that is of paramount importance.

I have been ‘touched’ by Cancer many times in my life.  This year I have lost five friends to the disease; three of whom have been younger than I am.  Before you ask, it is not because I am older, it is, for me, that Cancer does not judge, it attacks.

I have also known people who have had it, beaten it, only for it to return but have beaten it again.  Although I’m not sure if ‘beaten’ is really the most appropriate word.  They are still alive today to tell their story.

Macmillan Cancer

I’ve been privileged to be involved in many fund raising events for Breast Cancer Awareness; Cancer Research; Macmillan Cancer Support and many more.

Only last week I was humbled to be at a golf event which was part of a fund raiser which accumulated over £20,000.  It is incredible what individuals do to support the charity which has most relevance to them.  It gives them strength and a purpose.

May they long continue to do so.