High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure seems to affect people as they grow older – or so a nurse told me recently.  In my time in Corporate life I saw lots of people having high blood pressure, often demonstrated with a very red face.


I talk with people who are looking to lose weight.  They are concerned about developing Diabetes and high blood pressure.  They understand that carrying that extra weight brings other complications along the way – not just having to buy bigger clothes.

At the beginning of last year I was far too heavy for my height. If I’d been able to grow a little I’d have been fine.  The scales couldn’t be blamed any longer.  I made a decision to lose weight.  But how much?  Too much in one go and I knew I would fall at the first hurdle.  The little voice in my head telling me I couldn’t do it before I started!  Then there was the fear of losing it and putting it back on again, and some.

Decision time.

  • I decided how much I wanted to lose
  • I divided it into chunks for the year
  • I committed to a 9 day cleanse
  • I didn’t beat myself up if I strayed for a day
  • I took a photo of myself at the beginning and at intervals along the way
  • I kept my old wardrobe
  • I committed to a nutritional programme
  • I didn’t deny myself

Where am I just over a year later?  I didn’t lose the three stone I set myself.  I’ve since found if I did that then I would be underweight.  I have lost nearly two stone.  My clothes are a lot looser; some I’m going to have to give away or keep as a reminder of what I used to wear.  I don’t feel so tired; after all there’s not so much of me to carry around.  I’m getting lots of lovely compliments.  I almost feel as though there are too many positives I can’t write them all down.

The BEST thing though is that I know I have new eating habits which means I’m not denying myself anything.  This all makes for a happier, stress free and – oh nearly forgot to say.  My blood pressure was measured the other day 124/82 – near perfect.