Christmas Time Mistletoe and Wine


Christmas Time Mistletoe and Wine – I wonder what that conjures up for you?

Personally there are aspects of Christmas time I love.  The memories of Christmas Past being one, or looking for the satsuma and apple at the bottom of the pillow case.  I love the cosiness of it and being able to shut off the rest of the world for one day.  Okay, I do let the In-laws in!  Watching people’s faces as they see what is in their parcel.  Leaving the men to do the cooking!!


We very seldom have Mistletoe in the house but, maybe, we should change that this year?

We definitely have wine in the house.  Not to go over the top, but have a special bottle, for a special day.  A special day to spend some quality time with quality people.

BUT……… it’s the run up to it all that really stresses me out.  Writing the Christmas cards out; hoping I haven’t forgotten anyone AGAIN this year.  The crowds as I go shopping, although I usually find something in our wonderful products to give to loved ones.  People seem to change personalities whilst I’m out.  Other shoppers seem to be very stressed themselves.  I wonder why they put themselves through it.

I know not everyone is lucky enough to have family or friends to spend Christmas with, so – I’ll spare a thought for them this year.  Plus I’ll make my usual donations to Charities, that mean something to me.  Oh, and listen to Christmas Time Mistletoe and Wine playing on the radio, as it seems to every year.