What Do I Do?

Socialize for a living!  That may sound strange but in many ways it’s true.  I guess that’s because I sit down with people, have a chat and find out where they are in life.  Then whether or not I’m able to help them.

Partnering with Forever Living Products, the world’s largest Aloe Vera Producers and Bee Keepers was a life-changing decision for me.  I love the products and so I use them every day.  I use a great deal of them, and just by doing that, people have said to me ‘You’re looking good – what are you doing?’

I say I drink the Aloe, I wash my hair with it, I clean my teeth with it, I moisturize with it – I drink it because it gives me energy.  I feel that my health is really good; I hardly ever get a cold.  It just seems to be good for me, so when people ask me what I am doing they show an interest in using the products themselves.  That ends up with a chat and that’s where the socializing comes in.

Because I am my own best customer and use the products when people ask it is a very relaxed way of promoting the products.  This usually leads to them being interested in what I’m doing and they want to know more, especially when they realize that here is a fantastic business opportunity.

Some of the people in my team buy the Aloe for themselves and their families and maybe a few friends; there are others who have gone on to develop quite large businesses here in the UK and in this global economy we now live in it means we can also develop businesses abroad.  That’s what I’ve done and it happens so naturally it never seems as though it’s work at all.

However, like any success in life, I do need to be focused and put time aside to do something with my business every day.  But what’s great about it is that it’s incredibly flexible so I’ve seen my son grow up and I’ve been able to help with elderly parents.

Unlike any traditional job, the greatest gift is that I’ve been where I’ve been most needed AND I’ve also been able to develop a successful business at the same time.  That is the best part of it all……..and having lots of coffee with my friends at the same time!

For more of insight into what I do please grab a cup of tea or a glass of Aloe Vera… and listen at your leisure to the following two radio interviews:

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