Our Creed

This is our business philosophy.  We commit ourselves to uphold these ethics with each individual in our team.  As a team member we expect you to uphold the same values and as you build your team, do the same for them.

Welcome to the Symphony Group.

What can you expect from me:
What will I expect from you:
I will never ask you to do something I am not prepared to do myself.To follow the FLP Business Cycle.
I will not do anything for you that I know you are capable of doing yourself.To be honest with me.
I will be honest with you.Uphold the ethics of Forever Living Products.
I will give you the good and the bad.Do what you say you will do.
I will uphold the ethics of Forever Living Products.Listen to me & consider ideas that are alien to you.
I will take two steps every time you take one.Participate actively.
I will do what I say I will do.Tell me your good news and bad news.
I will listen to you and consider new ideas.To let me believe in you before you believe in yourself.
I will keep our conversations confidential unless you request otherwise.