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Davis Cup Winners

Davis Cup Winners – now that sounds good.  So good I may repeat it – Davis Cup Winners.

79 years ago we won the David Cup and, yesterday we won it again.  All good things come to those that wait.  I’m really sure that I don’t want to wait that long again!  Mainly because I’m not sure, even with our products, that I’d make it!!

The tennis was amazing and it was evident that both sides deserved to be in the final.  There were shots being made that seemed impossible – from both sides of the net.

What struck me though was the spirit it was played in.  It was hard fought, but not to the detriment of individual values.  At the end when Andy Murray won; he fell to the ground and his team started to pounce on top of him.  He quickly shook them off so he could shake his opponents hand and also those of his team.

Andy Murray


So, being David Cup Winners does not mean you have to compromise your values.  Being Davis Cup Winners mean that you show the measure of the person and people you really are.

Regular Servicing

Regular servicing is what we do to look after our cars but how many of us look after ourselves in the same way?  Yesterday I washed my car; filled the windscreen wash and today filled it with diesel.  Earlier on this week the car was serviced.  I was surprised it didn’t cost as much as I thought – maybe because it’s serviced regularly.

I wonder what funny looks I would get if I didn’t wash or shower on a regular basis?  I suspect that people would move away from me very quickly.

I wear glasses and I regularly clean the lenses so I can see out of them.  Not having windscreen washer in my car would mean I couldn’t see clearly.

And diesel – well that fuels my car and makes sure I do get from A to B.  If you think I’m wittering on – I’m not.  So many people I speak to don’t look after themselves and then wonder why their body ‘breaks down’!

I meet so many people who look after their cars more than they do they’re bodies.  Our bodies are the only ‘real’ house we live in  so let’s look after them.

One of the ways I do is to take our delicious drinking gel on a daily basis.

Aloe Vera

Another is to regularly see my Chiropractor – Vicky Sutton.  My body gets regular servicing from Vicky and so keeps everything in the right place which means I’ve less chance of ‘breaking down’ and having to call out the AA.


Christmas Time Mistletoe and Wine


Christmas Time Mistletoe and Wine – I wonder what that conjures up for you?

Personally there are aspects of Christmas time I love.  The memories of Christmas Past being one, or looking for the satsuma and apple at the bottom of the pillow case.  I love the cosiness of it and being able to shut off the rest of the world for one day.  Okay, I do let the In-laws in!  Watching people’s faces as they see what is in their parcel.  Leaving the men to do the cooking!!


We very seldom have Mistletoe in the house but, maybe, we should change that this year?

We definitely have wine in the house.  Not to go over the top, but have a special bottle, for a special day.  A special day to spend some quality time with quality people.

BUT……… it’s the run up to it all that really stresses me out.  Writing the Christmas cards out; hoping I haven’t forgotten anyone AGAIN this year.  The crowds as I go shopping, although I usually find something in our wonderful products to give to loved ones.  People seem to change personalities whilst I’m out.  Other shoppers seem to be very stressed themselves.  I wonder why they put themselves through it.

I know not everyone is lucky enough to have family or friends to spend Christmas with, so – I’ll spare a thought for them this year.  Plus I’ll make my usual donations to Charities, that mean something to me.  Oh, and listen to Christmas Time Mistletoe and Wine playing on the radio, as it seems to every year.

Magic Moments

Magic Moments – a Perry Como song.

I went to a Charity fund raiser a few weeks ago – Molly Olly’s Wishes.  They help young children with cancer to experience the things they really want to do –not the big things – those Magic Moments of spending time with the family at Pizza Hut!  It’s time spending time together with their loved ones that matter.

BUT talking of Magic Moments I have seen the most amazing Magician – Craig Petty. I’ve seen him perform his Award winning trick twice now and, even though I was trying to catch him out the second time I couldn’t.  He did offer his YouTube videos so we could see how he did; but I decided not to look.  After all it wouldn’t be magic then!



More Magic Moments this week was seeing my friends little girl being recognised for her art work.  She’s through to the final of the National Arts Competition.  No doubt more Magic Moments for the Fletcher family to come.