Monthly Archives: April 2015

If it isn’t broken…..

If it isn’t broken why did I try to fix it?

I run a successful business not just here in the UK but around the Globe.  We have a proven business building method which WORKS.  But in coaching people they still try to fix or change it when it works!!!  I have no idea why they do – I just know they do.

It’s a bit like my golf swing. There I am on the tee and I’m driving really well. Then someone says they aim for the tee not the ball.  I think that sounds like a good idea and so I do the same because I think it will make the ball go further.  DISASTER!!!


But it didn’t stop there – I kept doing it – not realising I had changed something.  It took me three rounds of golf to realise what I was doing. I went back to the Proven Way and normality is returned to the golf course.

Whatever you’re doing right – keep doing it – it works.  You see if it isn’t broken ……