Monthly Archives: March 2015

Keep it Simple

Keep it simple they say.

Now I know what they mean when they say ‘Keep it simple’.  I had the enormous pleasure of meeting an inspirational young girl recently.  At the age of 9 she saw that her mother was struggling at work – that was an understatement – and that she needed to find something else as her work was affecting her health.  So, Teagan came up with a business idea; put a plan together; showed it to her mother and told her to give in her notice.  I know I am massively understating what really happened but, in reality, what Teagan showed me in the short time I had with her was this:-

  • She saw a problem
  • She decided it had to change
  • She developed a solution
  • She put it into practice
  • It worked

How many of us wish we could do the same?  How many of us would have complicated it? How many of us would not have had the courage to even start?

For those of you reading this you may say ‘Oh it’s okay for her but she doesn’t have the overheads I have like a mortgage’.  You’re she didn’t but her mother did and does.

Both are now very happy developing their business together.  I call that a result.