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Picture Perfect

Picture perfect – is there really such a thing?  And, for that matter, what is perfect?

I recently had a ‘photo shoot’ at Tudor Photography.  I’ve had photographs taken there before but felt I needed new ones as I’ve lost weight; had my hair cut and have had a few birthdays since the last ones.  So it was out with the old – or should I saw younger version – and in with the new.


Yes, I could be my older sister!!

What I love about these is that I HATE having my photograph taken – I don’t know about you.  I have absolutely no idea why.  What I do know is that when I was having my photograph taken I was relaxed; having fun and so it doesn’t seem as if it was a chore.

It made me think of my business and how, to get the best out of people, I do my best to relax people; allow them to have fun and so work does not seem like a chore.  The result – picture perfect.

Child Poverty in Cambodia

Child poverty in Cambodia is not very different to other underdeveloped countries.  However, I wanted to let you have a feel for what a friend of mine is doing in Cambodia. So I have used this week to take a section from her newsletter to show you what she is looking to achieve in helping these children.  Some of us talk about doing and some of us do.

More good news! Remember the brick factory boy? He earns 6000 reils per shift which is about 80p a day. I am happy to say my first Community School at Snaay L’or is taking shape and will be opening in his village for 2 hours a day, 6 days a week.

He and his friends at the factory are going to be offered priority places and I’m hoping this will mean he can get a safer, cleaner job in the future. Many of the children lose their hands or whole arms or are killed due to the extreme danger of the machines and the hot and heavy work. Small children are expected to carry stacks of 12 bricks at a time.

So what are the costs? Set up costs for a school for 20 children in two classes of Beginners and Intermediate is $980 to Include:

White board, marker pens etc, Text books, note books and stationery, Power supply – inc a meter so the power cost is accurate, Matting (they sit on the ground), Second hand lap top, Supervision and basic training for the teacher, Travel to the community, Signage for School and for Sponsors, Tee shirts for the kids – after they have completed 6 months, Assessing the most needy children and awarding places, Launching the school – small gifts and photos for the children and parents

Annual running costs are $1500 to include wages, power, reporting, stationery, books, art supplies, Director expenses such as petrol to and from the project.

It’s important that the full years expenses are raised before the set up of the school so we know it’ll be supported. Better still if both lots of money are raised (for the set up and running costs) by a single group… then 8 months after the launch of the school. The group who have set up the school can decide on an annual donation from each person or another agreed fund raiser for the following year to ensure the next year is covered. The worst thing that could happen is the children are let down due to lack of funding.

Besides having the group’s name on the school, you will be sent news and photos when possible. And if you ever want to visit Cambodia, the children would be thrilled to meet you and you will be made very welcome!

She has a Facebook page which you could ‘Like’ to help spread her word.  Just click on the highlighted area or go to

Thanks in advance

Feeling a Burning Sensation

Gel pouring

Feeling a burning sensation in your throat?  I was chatting to a friend last week and she said exactly that.  She said that when she consumes certain foods or drinks she immediately knows that it’s not good as she literally feels a burning sensation in her throat that stays there.  She also suffers from acid reflux.  Sounded nasty to me.

I’m very fortunate because I don’t suffer from acid reflux and don’t have the sensations she has, nearly on a daily basis, BUT I know I’m very lucky.  So many people do.

I’ve also heard it called Heartburn.  I had that once when I was pregnant with our son. NOT very pleasant at all.  It kept me up most of the night.  I so wish I’d known about our Aloe Vera then.  I’m not sure it would have helped me but Aloe Vera is so versatile it can be taken as a drink, allowing you to take care of your body both inside and out.

We use pure stabilised aloe vera gel which is as close to the natural plant juice as possible, containing over 200 different compounds.  This rich source of nutrients provides the perfect supplement to a balanced diet.



New Years Resolutions

New Years Resolutions – already bored of being asked what yours are?  Already bored about what you think you should do?  Want to see how the year pans out and then decide?

I’ve just looked on-line to see what others think and there does seem to be a lot of research and work that goes in to working out what our preferences are.  People are paid very good money to confirm what we want to do over the next year.  I wonder if one of their New Years Resolutions should be to see if they were right?

I know what mine are.  Lose weight; spend more time with friends and family; increase business; become fitter and reduce my golf handicap.  Have I also put time frames and quantities on all of this? – Yes.  How likely am I to achieve all of them? – not very.  Someone once said that if a goal was achievable it was a To Do List – so my goals stretch me.  You may also think it’s defeatist to say that I’m not likely to achieve all of them – I don’t believe so – more realistic.

So today I started on my goal to lose weight.  I lost over a stone last year and my goal this year is to lose nearly two stone.  You see, last year I became more confident that I CAN lose weight – so this year I’m going for it.

I’ll keep you posted.