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Tis the season to be jolly

Tis the season to be jolly and I wanted to wish you all the happiness for Christmas and beyond.

So MANY exciting things to look forward to and so many things to be thankful for in the last year. May your Christmas and New Year bring you all that you desire.

I have so many dreams I’m making a reality in 2015. Dreaming is only dreaming. Reality is reality. I know which world I live in.

So what are you dreams for 2015? I’d love to know.  Remember – tis the season to be jolly!

Patrick’s first Christmas!! I think Andy’s zoned out

My first Christmas with Dad

Regular Servicing

Regular servicing is what we do to look after our cars but how many of us look after ourselves in the same way?  Yesterday I washed my car; filled the windscreen wash and today filled it with diesel.

I wonder what funny looks I would get if I didn’t wash or shower on a regular basis?  I suspect that people would move away from me very quickly.

I wear glasses and I regularly clean the lenses so I can see out of them.  Not having windscreen washer in my car would mean I couldn’t see clearly.

And diesel – well that fuels my car and makes sure I do get from A to B.  If you think I’m wittering on – I’m not.  I was dropping some products off to a friend in Stratford today.  I bought her a tea and ordered myself the same and a sandwich.  I offered her half of the sandwich. She took a corner and then said she hadn’t eaten breakfast either.  Do that regularly and she’ll run out of fuel!

I meet so many people who look after their cars more than they do they’re bodies.  Our bodies are the only ‘real’ house we live in  so let’s look after them.

One of the ways I do is to take our delicious drinking gel on a daily basis.

Aloe Vera

Another is to regularly see my Chiropractor – Vicky Sutton.  My body gets regular servicing from Vicky and so keeps everything in the right place which means I’ve less chance of ‘breaking down’ and having to call out the AA.


Celebration Time

Head Office

Celebration time this week.  Where to start?  On Friday there were over 100 of us at our Head Office in Warwick being treated to lunch and  ‘meet the boss’.  I say ‘boss’ but he’s our Managing Director and we’re all Self Employed.  That doesn’t stop us celebrating and being recognised for the work we do.

It didn’t stop there though.  Celebration time happened earlier in the week when I heard that Jackie Crane has made Manager.  PLUS her lovely daughter Lucy also made it  – a double celebration from an amazing family.

ManagerJackie and Lucy

Then it was my turn – again – on Sunday.  I lost my golf match!!  BUT it was a delight as it was nip and tuck all the way.  The best person certainly won and the reason I’m pleased about losing?  It’s because I know I played my best and I didn’t give up.  I never ask anything more of myself.

Trending News

Trending news – I wonder who decides what is Trending News?

Well my Trending News this week is I can no longer play golf!!  Why?  Because I can’t get my ‘head’ on the course.  Yes, I know my head is on the course but my ‘Head’ isn’t.  In other works – my mind set.

As I’m about to hit the ball I’m thinking of all the other things I need to do.  Send that important email; call that friend; make a list of the things I need to do so I don’t forget them.  The last thing on my mind is “How do I get that that very small ball to in to the little hole on the lovely smooth green.”

It reminds me that I need to STOP; reassess and then concentrate on the most important thing to the exclusion of all else.  Spreading myself too thin really does not work.


My most important thing RIGHT now is writing this.  How many of us are distracted when we are talking to others? How many of us have had a near ‘hit’ in our cars? How many of us tell our other halves we never had that conversation?  I’m sure you can think of other things.

My goal tomorrow is to think of the One Thing – it’s far more relaxing.

The One Thing