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Christmas Time

MisteltoeChristmas Time, Mistletoe and Wine – one of my most popular songs from Christmas.  I cannot believe, as I’m sure some of you are also thinking, that a month today is Christmas Day.


Time has gone so quickly this year – seemingly more quickly than last.  Logic tells me it’s still the same number of days as it was the year before but my head is saying otherwise.

 Stressed men

Some people find it so stressful.  Men are still shopping on Christmas Eve hoping they find THE present that will bring smiles to their nearest and dearest faces.  Well let me and my Elves take the stress out of Christmas for you.  You sit down in your armchair and sing Christmas Time, Mistletoe and drink the Wine.  Take a look at this brochure; send me email or text OR order direct.  It will be all be delivered to your door with no worries.


HOWEVER, you need to do it NOW.  Christmas will be here VERY soon and my Elves cannot extend their working week. They have homes to go to.



Save the Children

Leamington Town Hall

Save the Children put on a great fund raising event at Leamington Town Hall over the weekend and I was there with a colleague, Louise Hunt, helping them.

They managed to arrange over 50 stands selling all those goodies you feel you have to have at Christmas time – and other times as well – but especially Christmas.

Save the Children

We had lots people visit our stand; unfortunately helped by the fact that it started raining just when they turned the lights on the Christmas Tree.  All was not lost; the rain stopped just in time for the main lights.  Lots of excited children thinking Christmas was only four sleeps away!!!

Socialising for a living

Emma and Hermi

Socialising for a living is what I do on a day to day basis or, at least , it feels like that.  I have the privilege of meeting some amazing people; interesting people; disinterested people; people looking for a change; people looking to sell whatever they have to me no matter what; people who want to spread a little goodness in the world; people who are interested in me and many more.

I am only too happy to have a coffee with them – the interesting ones.  I even pay!!  I had one such coffee the other day and this is what I found in my emails this morning.

Thanks Caroline,

You were on my list to email today; thanks you SO much for the coffee and inviting me to the BHS networking. It’s been my favourite event by far!! Really appreciated the time you took to chat and listen last week, lots going on (hence the “I’m running away to Canada” panic) so it was lovely to chat to someone who didn’t have an agenda

There is so much I love about this.  She enjoyed coffee; she loved the Networking event I suggested she come a long to;  she appreciated the time I spent with her and she understood that you don’t have to have an agenda to meet up with someone.  You can earn a living by putting other people first.

Does that mean I have a thriving business – yes I do.  Does it mean I have all the business I want – no it doesn’t.  I’m always looking for more people to help either to earn a ‘proper’ income or to live their life healthier.  Remind you of anyone?

Changing of the Guard

Changing of the guard at Feldon Valley Golf Club could not have happened on a better day.  The weather was stunning.  We nearly decided to play our round of golf in shorts!!

The day started early as preparations were needed to welcome the members to the Club for a fun packed day.  The order of the day was to start with the Club AGM.   Part of the AGM was a presentation to, Sandra, from Katharine House Hospice.  The Club had managed to raise nearly £5,000 with different events in the year.  Here you can see past Captains handing the impressive cheque over.


Then it was to the changing of the guard and so, while people were happy eating their bacon baps and drinking coffee they were also busy supporting this years Captains Charity – Cancer Research

We had a Claim your Stake competition; people guessing how far each of the Captains would drive and where.  People walked out on the first fairway (and sometimes off the fairway) to Stake their Claim.

New Captains

There was also our obligatory Raffle which, again, members gave to very generously.

Finally, another slight change was the Blind Auction for two Car Parking spaces.  This added a bit more excitement to the day.

All in all the members started the fund for this years Charity with nearly £1200 being raised on the day.   No wonder we were all so hungry when we got back to the Clubhouse for our supper.

So many good things are happening at Feldon Valley – no wonder other clubs are talking about us!