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New Year Resolutions

New Year Resolutions were made at the end of last year and many of us were convinced that we would achieve them all; some or one or two.  One of my New Year Resolutions was to lose 3 stone in weight.  I wouldn’t say that I’m on target but I have lost over a stone and people are definitely noticing the difference.  My wardrobe is noticing the difference.  I no longer have to breath in to do trousers up.  In fact, yesterday, a pair of trousers, destined for the Charity shop, has been reprieved as I’m now going to use it as an incentive to lose more weight.

So what has kept me focussed on that goal.  Well, one of the ladies at my Golf Club – Feldon Valley – has consistently congratulated me and commented on how I’m looking.  So, in my moments of weakness I thought of when I would see her next and I imagined her making positive comments.  You see, I didn’t want to let her down.

Plus I did a cleanse at the beginning of the year and I’ve just finished another one.  I’m feeling full of energy; less bloated; I know I can continue and, because my sugar levels have stabilised I’m not craving anything sweet – or alcoholic!!  I heard Nicky Campbell on Radio 5 Live describe a glass of wine as a Knickerbocker Glory in disguise because of the calories in it.


MyFitnessPal has been an enormous help.  Counting the calories as well as the exercise I do on a daily basis.

Well I’m looking to be another stone lighter by the end of the year – now I’m on a roll.  I’ll keep you up to date.


Exciting Times Ahead


Exciting times ahead and I can hardly contain myself!!

I’m excited today because I went on the scales, as I’m looking to lose a stone before Christmas.  Well, I had a kick start as I have already lost 6lbs in 5 days.  I haven’t felt hungry; I haven’t wanted to snack; my energy levels have been maintained.  What was even more exciting today was I dropped a pack off to a friend and she was amazed at the difference since I last saw her two weeks ago.  It’s lovely when someone else looks at you and says ‘That’s amazing!’

How have I done it?  Well I’ve used our Cleansing Programme and now I’m on my roll I’m going to continue with the rest of the programme.


I’m really loving using MyFitnessPal App as it helps me see, if I keep going, what the result will be.  So If I lapse I know the consequences and if I’m good, equally, I see the consequences.  A great motivator.  Everything I eat or drink goes in to the App and what is particularly good is that all the foods you eat are already loaded.  Really easy to use.


Can’t wait to keep you updated.  As I said, exciting times ahead.  My new wardrobe awaits me.


The Best Things in Life

The best things in life are free – or so it’s said.

I was at a Networking event at lunchtime today and the lovely John Clapham spoke. He makes so much sense.  One of the things he said was

  •  Be authentic

Sounds so easy doesn’t it?  People buy people first and whatever else second – that’s another saying I’ve heard.  I suppose authentic means you have to know who you are to be authentic?  John likes helping people; something I relate to as well.  By helping others he finds people come to him for advice.

He also said

  • Have Fun

Have fun rather than think of your ROI (Return on Investment).  How many people think they will help another person – but what’s in it for me?  What I’ve noticed is that those who give more; receive more.


The best things in life are free – our ability to be ourselves whilst having fun.  What a great way to live life.

Rain Rain Beautiful Rain

rain drops

Rain Rain Beautiful Rain – we haven’t seen any for a while now.  Then today, well overnight, it poured and the wind howled and the electricity went off and then on again.  I felt as though I had gone to another planet.

We’ve been lucky this summer and yet, it wasn’t all that long ago that there were floods and people were stranded in their own homes.  I expect they will never utter the words – Rain Rain Beautiful Rain.  They are more likely to say – Rain, Rain go away – come again another day.  Or never again please.

The trouble is we need this rain for all sorts of reasons.  I know my farming friends have been longing for some rain.  I know when we’ve had a ‘drought’ and it rains it seems to clean the air and everything has that green, glowing look.  A bit like us – the earth needs water.

So friend or foe – we need Rain Rain Beautiful Rain.

Green Fields