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Ryder Cup

Ryder Cup


Ryder Cup pictures tell so many stories.  I suppose it is that a picture paints a thousand words.

Yesterday I felt as though I was actually there at the Ryder Cup, on the course and dreaming a little of hitting the shots myself.  I could smell the grass; hear the swish of the club; hear the thud of the ball hitting the ground  and then, the momentary silence before the crowd roared with delight or groaned in despair.  There were two opposite emotions being played out with every shot.

Team work

The seeming coolness of the players was mesmerising.  How can they play so many amazing shots with the eyes of the world on them?  Well I leave that to another golfer – Gary Player – who said that the harder he practised the luckier he got.  Perfection is all about practising until you get it right and then practising some more.  Simple?  I expect that the difference between greatness and mediocre is just that – practise, practise, practise.

How many of us go through life expecting to be brilliant but are not prepared to work or put in the hours to achieve the greatness that is within all of us?  It begs the question – what are you or I prepared to work for?  That’s what I ask people who I work with constantly; it’s a question I sometimes have to ask myself on a daily basis.

The answer may be a very practical one – paying the mortgage off; a significant one – helping to build a hospital in a less fortunate country; a meaningful one – ensuring your children have the best start in life by sending them to private school; a fun one – going white water rafting down a very fast river!!

Each one of us is different – Paul McGinley, the European Ryder Cup Captain, yesterday said it was all about making people smile.  Now that’s something to work for.


Definition of Health

Definition of Health means all sorts of things to all sorts of people.  Some think of definition of health as being physically fit; some think of definition of health as being able to walk around without any pain; some think of definition of health as being able to live life to their fullest.

My definition of health does not take in to consideration anyone’s physical or mental abilities.  For me it is making the most of what you have and looking after it.  After all, the body I have is the only house I get to truly live in and I’m stuck with it.

I do what I can to keep healthy.  I exercise regularly; I take my Aloe on a daily basis; I take my supplements on a daily basis as well; I look to eat the right foods.

My reason for doing this is because my mother had a very poor diet and only took medication as a remedy.  I have no idea if this is what lead to her suffering a digenerative condition and, of course, she never felt that she bought it on herself and neither do I.  There is a little query in my head that, maybe, if she had made little changes to her diet and maybe, if she had looked to prevention and not cure, she may have delayed this process.

We miss her daily and often wonder – what if…..?

Mum's 78th BIrthday 002Mum 80

It’s amazing the difference two years can make


Pilates Exercise


Pilates exercise is how I choose  to start my week off.

It invigorates me and sets me up for the week ahead knowing that I’ve done something to keep me in shape.  It’s an hour to spend time on me without any other distractions.  I am amazed that in such a short period of time I am noticing a difference.

One thing I hadn’t realised was that my toes would start cramping! It can be quite painful and more than a little irritating.  I have no idea why; it’s something I’ve had in the past; toes cramping at the oddest of times!!

Then yesterday I was at one of our Conferences at Cheltenham Racecourse and one of the speakers reminded me that our ARGI+ helps with greater blood flow. I wondered if it might help with my cramps.  So …. half an hour before Pilates exercise this morning I had a drink of it.  Guess what – No Cramps for the first time in weeks.  Coincidence – I don’t know yet – next week will tell me more.

Interesting isn’t it that when we’re looking for a solution someone gives it to us.

Kate and William Baby News

Kate and William baby news was announced today.  It seems so little time ago they announced George was on the way.

Baby news reminds me of new beginnings.  A new life and a new start.  Plus wonderment.  Wonderment that somehow out of something so tiny a baby develops and then grows in to an adult.

New beginnings also reminds me of when I started my business.  It was tiny and I could not wait for it to grow in to a full blown adult.  I would say I am probably at the Teenage years; growth spurts with a bit of  attitude along the way.

When I first started I was caught up in the euphoria of focussing on a new adventure.  I had no idea what I was doing – a bit like being a parent.  I knew if I worked at it then it would blossom and grow.  There were teething problems along the way because sometimes I was too excited to tell people about my ‘new baby’.

Then I settled in to a routine of what I needed to do and it grew with what seemed little effort.  It was with effort but, because I was more comfortable with the skills I needed, it came more naturally.  That’s when the fun really started.

So why do I say I’m in the Teenage years?  Because for me a teenager has so much before them and they are also on the cusp of the next adventure of their life.  So I’m ready for my next adventure.

New Beginnings

Never Too Old To Learn

Never too old to learn is something I strongly believe in as was demonstrated when I had an hour and a halves fencing lesson with three 8 year olds and one 16 year old!!  I’m old enough to be their mother and, in some cases, their Grandmother.  A young Grandmother I grant you but Grandmother all the same.

Here’s what resulted:

I had so much fun and learned that I’m fitter than I thought.  It was extremely hot inside that mask and I felt like giving up a few times as my glasses kept steaming up as well as my hair kept failing in my face.  BUT I didn’t; I kept going.


Not sure why.  It might have been that I didn’t want to give up; didn’t want to disappoint my son; didn’t want to give up in front of the 8 year old girls.  What I do know is that I was really pleased I kept going.  I wonder how many times we’ve been confronted by something new only to be challenged by it and given up before we see any real benefit.

Am I a better Fencer? – I doubt it; Am I fitter? – again I doubt it; Am I a better Mother? – I doubt it.  What I don’t doubt is that I have a memory that I will smile about for some time to come.  Maybe that’s what learning is about.