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Natural Health Magazine

Natural health magazines are very evident on the shelves in shops.  I do wonder if it is because of the Commonwealth Games and all the other exciting sporting events we have had this year – with more to come.

When listening to the radio I hear many an ‘article’ on how we are encouraged to eat better.  Remember your 5 a Day. Interestingly it is 9 a Day but thoughts are that people would not see that as achievable and so reduced it to 5.

I don’t know how many times you have asked yourself why is that all the lovely, tasty things are laden with calories.  It’s more they are laden with sugar.  Sugar is lovely but neither is it good to have in large quantities.  Hence the focus at the moment on Diabetes.  The problem is that the more sugary things we eat the more we crave them.

So – how to reduce our desire to eat less sugar?  Amazingly it’s to eat more!  Actually little and more often.  Eating three balanced meals with two snacks in the day keeps your sugar levels balanced and those cravings at bay AND those pounds coming off.  So far this year I’ve lost a stone, with more to lose.  I started with a kick start at the beginning of the year and have gradually lost the rest.  I’m at the stage when people are noticing, which encourages me to lose more.  The next stone.  I approached it as bite sized chunks – please excuse the pun.

My goal this year is to go from this  Beryl Cook  to this  Jessica Rabbit  and I’m getting there.  My clothes are fitting better – so no need for another wardrobe!!  I feel ‘cleaner’ and I have more energy.  Oh and I had an ice cream yesterday.  I don’t have one very day – that’s the difference.

Rory McIlroy

Rory McIlroy


Rory Mcilroy has won The Open.  For me it’s a bit like Andy Murray winning Wimbledon – it is an amazing achievement.  The quality of his play over the four days was incredible and I expect that he had doubts along the way but also belief that he could win.

I’ve had a quick look at his website this morning – just his name – just like my website!!!  What struck me are the simple statements on the banners that flash through – ‘I am a Son’, ‘I am an Athlete’, ‘I am a Fan’ and more.

This got me thinking as to who I am.  I am a wife; mother; athlete; connector; entrepreneur.  I am developing other roles along the way because, for me, there is so much more to achieve and do.

Our son is going through a massive change at the moment -stepping into his new role as Assistant Chef at one of local Pub Restaurants.  He is loving every moment whilst being challenged along the way.  Maybe that’s how Rory feels – he’s stepping in to new roles whilst being challenged along the way.  I have no way of knowing what Rory thinks.   What I do know is by watching our son I realise that when I step in to new roles I love it whilst being challenged along the way.

I wonder how many people feel the same?

Aloe Vera Juice Benefits

Aloe Vera Juice benefits or, for me, Aloe Vera GEL benefits.  It’s the difference between drinking orange squash or orange juice.  I know which I prefer.

I drink Aloe Vera Gel on a daily basis for all sorts of reasons.  I have found I don’t get that 3pm lull in the afternoon when I felt as though I could curl up and have a siesta; my skin looks and feels better; my hair is shinier and I have a bounce in my step.  You may be thinking I was a wreck before!!!  Well, I didn’t think so but I realised I wasn’t operating at my best.

What could have happened is I could have carried on not changing anything but decided to take the advice of a friend and start glugging back the gel.  Then my husband started drinking the gel and he started getting relief from his IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome).  It hasn’t cured it but it is definitely more manageable.

The Daily Mail approached him, through Forever Living – the company I am partnered with – to tell his story.  They reported it as Ulcerative Colitis – but his words ring true with me.      Daily_Mail_11-10-2005_Andy_Woodward_Colitis  I suspect this scenario rings true for a lot of people.

Novak Djokovic

Novak Djokovic is now officially Wimbledon Men’s Champion for Wimbledon 2014.  A Men’s Final to be remembered.  I really did not know who was going to win until the last point.

Interesting though that Novak Djokovic said that he had begun to lose confidence in himself and that he doubted himself while he was playing.  He says he won the mental challenge with himself.

It made me think about how many of us go through a mental challenge with ourselves every day.  Are we good enough?  Can we do …….?  What if I get found out?  What if I’m not up for the challenge?  These are all things we may be saying in our heads.

The Headmaster at my son’s old school confessed, publicly, to wondering if he would get ‘found out’ when he started his new role on day one.  I thought that was really brave; especially as the children were listening.  I believe he did it because he had and received respect from those around him.

Not all of us have the natural talent that Novak has – remember he also works really hard to perfect his skill.  However, with application and learning to improve then we can all achieve whatever we wish.  All we need to do is believe in ourselves.  If you can’t get that belief from yourself then do as Novak did and get a team around you who see more in you than you do yourself.

That’s one of the roles I play – I believe in others whilst they develop their belief in themselves.