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Thanks to all

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Thanks to all who have helped me

Thanks to James Holden from Wolf Productions for having the patience of a Saint in producing my website and helping me understand Social Media like I have never understood Social Media before – in a positive way.

Thanks to Claire Handy from Handy Editorials for explaining that life doesn’t have to be as complicated as I make it.  Hoping you like the Full Stops Claire?

Thanks to Helen Loggin at Tudor Photography for making my photos look half decent.

Thank you to YOU for reading and commenting on my weekly publications. 

None of this would be possible without you all



The Longest Day of the Year

The Longest Day of the Year – 21st June.  How have you celebrated the longest day of 2014?

Andy and I went out at the crack of dawn to have a round of golf in our club’s “Midsummer Madness” competition. After that, the day really reached full swing as we prepared for a party my son was throwing for all his friends, to celebrate the end of the GCSE year and his completion of his time at secondary school.

As the summer equinox has now passed us by, we are reminded that half the year has passed. While the evenings may start to draw in from now on, take this opportunity to look back on the goals you have set yourself for the year, and realise that there is still plenty of time to achieve them. No matter how many goals you have yet to attain, remember there is still half a year in which to resolve them.

Why not take an opportunity to sit down and contemplate the goals achieved so far, and what needs to be done to conclude the goals left still to be accomplished?



Family Day Outs

Family day outs are few and far between for us this year as we all seem to be busy with our ever changing lives.  Not sure how many of you can relate to that?

Last weekend we all went down to London and to Kew Gardens.  The last time I was there was about 40 years ago.  There I was trying to remember if I recognised any of it.  Then it dawned on me; it’s all grown a bit in the last 40 years!!  It didn’t stop me taking photos though.  Here’s just a few

20140615_150649[1]20140615_133602[1]Family Day Outs


What I loved though was the part that showed how going back to basics can help us be healthier.  Here’s the evidence


As a family we take Echinacea if we feel a cold coming on BUT if we catch it too late we take Bee Propolis tablets.  Two easy ways to keep well without pumping or bodies full of nasties


You Never Stop Learning

You never stop learning – I believe.  I see this more than anything in my business.  Yesterday I was humbled and privileged to see Jackie Crane stand up in front of a room of about 80 people and speak eloquently about her recent promotion.  There was a time when she would not have spoken to a group of 8 let alone 80.

On Saturday she will have an even larger audience when she is recognised for her achievement by Forever Living.  I have never been involved with a Company who understands how important it is to acknowledge people’s achievements and efforts.  They do it perfectly.

Was she nervous – yes; will she be nervous – most definitely, but she will also enjoy it.

Here is what she said – I really could not have said it better.  So proud of you and your team Jackie


French Tennis

French Tennis Open – what a brilliant two weeks.  Then it’s off to Queens in London and then, my favourite time of the year, Wimbledon.

What an exciting match Andy Murray had on Saturday AND Sunday.  I really didn’t know which way it was going to go.  I expect the players didn’t either.  Andy seems to still be struggling with injuries but it’s not such a long time ago that he had his back surgery.

I know just how he feels!!!!

Both my partner, Jean and I had, a nip and tuck game on Sunday against Oxford Ladies only to be ‘pipped’ at the post on the 18th.  It all came down to one shot. And there was I nursing an injury too – my back.

Yes, I know, the correlation between me and a top tennis player is more than a bit tenuous BUT how many of us feel the aches and pains of playing sport but work through them?  I know I have been particularly grateful for our Aloe Heat Lotion and a packet of peas in the freezer.

Heat Lotion

Maybe I should be in contact with Roy in case the England Football Team need some attention