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Prickly Heat Remedies

Prickly Heat Remedies was what I was always looking for at this time of year, because every time I went out in the heat, I developed this unsightly rash – just below my neck – which just asked to be scratched.  This only made it worse.  So this was ‘Cover Up’ time of year – not ‘Enjoy Yourself as Spring has Sprung and Let’s Look Forward to the Summer’ time of year!  You can tell how well I remember it.

And then …… Phew!! I started using Forever’s Sunscreen.


Whereas before when I put on sunscreen it made the itching worse; this sunscreen soothed.  Whereas before I wouldn’t dare go out in the sun – I found I could sunbath (sensibly) – after all I am dark haired; blue eyes and fair skinned.  Whereas before I went a very sore shade of red – I found that I tanned beautifully and without any redness or soreness.  You see I had never found a way to have one without the other!

So, now I look forward to this time of year; enjoying having a car where I can put the top down and enjoy the outside world all day.  I can play golf and not worry about heat stroke.  People ask me where I’ve been on holiday and I say, ‘Nowhere – just this country.’  You see even English sun was a ‘No, No’ for me.  Now I can enjoy it.  Let’s hope you do too.




Holiday Must Haves

Holiday must haves is just one of the exciting articles in this quarters Aloe Matters.

Others include how to lose those extra pounds for the summer; get happy at work; beat the slump – you know, the one you get every day!

So, sit back; kick off your shoes and enjoy flicking the pages




Drinking Water to Lose Weight

Drinking water to lose weight – just one of the many reasons why we should drink water on a daily basis.  Yes, it really can help people to lose weight because it gets rid of the toxins in your body; giving you more energy so you don’t eat as much.

But water also feeds your skin, keeping it elasticated; keeping us looking younger for longer.  Plus our brains are largely made up of water so, making sure you’re hydrated, means you are clearer thinking.

For those of us who like to keep fit we’re always being told to keep hydrated; as I was today after my Pilates Class with the wonderful Jamie Francis  I do as he says as it seems silly to go through the class only to ignore his advice

I also drink our great energy drink – ‘modelled’ here by Clay Lowe – it keeps me going without that big high and then the crashing low!

Clay Lowe and FAB

So what do you drink to keep you hydrated?  Let’s go for sensible answers!!!!!




GSCE Exams

GSCE exams are starting today and there are a lot of stressed children and stressed parents.  That’s not even mentioning the A Level or University students either.

This was the scenario for us last week and then a friend Claire McTernan reminded me of another friend Carol Crowther who could help us – or in our case – more particularly our son.  Carol came round and spent time with him and I cannot tell you the difference she made.

Will it all be plain sailing?  I’m not sure.  All I know is that I have a son who is far more relaxed but focussed on what he has to do over the next few weeks.

Carol was interviewed recently by ANOTHER friend – Clay Lowe – and so I will leave her to explain what she does.  Just click on Clay’s name

Friends what we would do without them?


Celebrations Around the World

Celebrations Around the World – or should I say Celebrations FROM Around the World?

I have just spent two amazing days at the O2 Arena in London with 20,000+ others from around the world celebrating the success of Forever Living Products and those of us who work with them.  I don’t know many conferences which start with the President of the company being dropped down on a winch from VERY high up!!!  Rather him than me!!

This was a celebration and recognition of peoples achievements.  Actually, it was more than that.  It was an acknowledgement that when you believe in your heart that you are doing the right things then you will reap your reward.  The reward comes in many guises – money being one of them.

What struck me more than anything is that the money’s great – but it’s what can be done with it that makes it even greater.  People being able to create their own Charitable organisations; putting children through private school; being able to clear the debt that had mounted; paying off mortgages; feeling as though you are contributor rather than a drain.

One of the presentations was from Whizz-kidz.  Amazing Charity and we are privileged to be associated with them

We’re off to Singapore next year – can’t wait