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JK Rowling Quotes

JK Rowling quotes – If you want to see the true measure of a man, watch how he treats his inferiors, not his equals.  What a great quote.

Last Friday we all went down to London to celebrate my mother-in-laws birthday.  What a treat we had in store for us.  We ate at Kaspar’s Bar at the Savoy – such beautiful food.  PLUS JK Rowling herself was on the table but one to us.  Relaxing, enjoying time with friends/colleagues.  I’m not sure which.  BUT what I do believe is that she is living by her quote.  She treats people for who they are and not what she may perceive they are.  In return, one seemed quite nervous, in awe, but it was because of them and not JK.  I suspect also they were trying to remember everything that she said – I know I would.

Were we tempted to go over and say ‘Hello’? – of course!  But we respected her and the other people their privacy.  The same way no-one was coming up to our table and interrupting us.

We did break one rule though – my son was allowed to text his friends to tell him who was in the room.  Now that’s a rule to break!!!  We know how to live on the edge!!!!!!


Winning at all Costs Quotes

Winning at all costs – I expect you’ve heard a few quotes in your time?  Well – sport used to be like that for me.  I was very determined and that determination used to sometimes get in the way of me enjoying my sport and, indeed, winning the competition.  Winning is still important to me, but not at all costs.

I have just spent two days with some very special Ladies from my local Golf Club – Feldon Valley.  Each one of us is an individual and each one of us contributes to our ‘team’ in their own special way.  Even with it pouring with rain I would not have wanted to be anywhere else.  Congratulations to all the winners; especially those of us who decided that the warmth and dry of the Clubhouse was the place to be.

It’s very much like my business – I am proud to say that we had two BIG promotions for people within my ‘business’ team.  They have worked diligently; with focus and attention to detail when needed.  BUT, having fun along the way and making sure they kept things in perspective.

So CONGRATULATIONS to Andy and Carl Pearson – you are amazing. Plus the fantastic Sonia Shields.  Can’t wait to start the celebrations.

So – Would you want to win at ALL costs?


Andy and Carl Sonia Shields