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Mother’s Day!

Mother's Day!

Mother’s Day! So what did you do? Were you pampered or did you find yourself catching up on things that you didn’t manage to do during the week because you had to stay late at the office or you had to bring work home?

I know when I was thinking of going back to work I knew I could not find time to be a Mum and have a successful career. And then I found I could have both!

My son forgot his PE kit last week and so I got ‘the phone call’ – he hasn’t done it for quite a few years. As I dropped his kit off at school he thanked me and because I wasn’t stressed about having to leave the office and let people down I gently reminded him not to do it again!

So why tell you all this? Well, I appreciate not being a stressed Mother; I appreciate spending quality time with our son; I appreciate building a business that will give us a pension and I appreciate that I can work when I need to.

I hope you had as much fun as I did on Mother’s Day – sometimes I feel as though it’s my day every day.


Tea is the best drink of the day

Tea and Ultra Lite

I couldn’t believe the news headlines today – office workers are too stressed to make their colleagues a cuppa! What is the world coming to?  Tea is the best drink of the day.

I’m always making and buying cups of tea for people. Nothing better than getting to know someone over a cuppa and vice versa.

BUT…… it did make me think that this was one of the things that I missed about working for myself at first. By not going to the kitchen or tea machine I didn’t get that break – be it only a few minutes – or that brief chat with a colleague that would, somehow, clear my mind so that I could go back refreshed to whatever project I was working on.

So, if you want to know where to go for a good cuppa – just ask me.

Tea isn’t just a drink – it’s a great way to get more out of days. What do you think?